Last week. The weeds are pretty but they will have to go.

It's hard to make out the bottlebrush amongst the sour grass & weird climbing sticky weed.

Aha! There it is. But it's surrounded.

This week. The sticky weed has taken over. It is also scratchy.

The future water feature. Once I dig a strategically shaped hole & cement the result. Weeds first.

Many, many weeds have been pulled. About half.

The left view, cleared almost back to the fence. It's alright. It's not our fence.

Much better. Tomorrow I can dig. If I can move at all.

The right view, with unfettered bottlebrush.

The gate with no purpose behind the bottlebrush. Actually, I stood it up there for vines to climb.

Someday the shed will come down. Some other day a really-real hot tub will take its place.